MargieR Nov 11 2020 8:24 am Not something borrowed from Han Ji Pyeong. Steven Oct 31 2020 12:33 pm In many cases people turn on the waterworks to avoid confrontation when they know they are in the wrong, or to GAIN sympathy/empathy from others. i really feel like dosan is starting to grow and has become more confident since he met dalmi. I also find it very controversial that lot of people drag down a drama but you loved a character in it. Maybe a spin-off? I've done watched it, but cannot move on. Skipped so many scenes because the story of ep 9 & 10 is all over the place. The only reason I still watch this drama because of “Startup industry” itself. I love watching how their relationship grows as the episodes go on! It is not your typical cliche drama. NRTrend Nov 11 2020 1:09 pm In any other company doing this in interview she would have been booted out from room by a kick on her ass. now are you satisfied????? I love Ji pyeong and it feels like he’s carrying the whole drama but I still feel like Dal mi and Do San have this amazing chemistry and look really cute together despite the whole white lie situation. Overall I really like it and the acting is really good. But please don’t make Jipyeong with Dal Mi’s sister. Ji Pyeong, fighting! He's just a manchild. Now I'm rooting for him to be happy is all am asking for. Grandma may have given her 2¢ when he first started writing the letters but the show has shown us that he eventually wrote them entirely on his own. IRL it doesn't make sense, just the way it doesn't make sense for dal mi's mum to abandon her like that, Also I'm not saying he can't fall for her but people make it seem like he is the one for her, He's the one who has more right to be with her than dosan. Almost every character in the story is struggling. The acting of every character is superb. Ah can't wait ma! Start-Up: Episodes 15-16 Open Thread (Final) by missvictrix. Only dalmi knew how he feels, she was also abandoned. For those who say DalMi never thought of HJP, DalMi says in one episode clearly she has to find out who has her heart because she was confused. Sisters Start-up Dec 07 2020 12:24 pm stargirl Nov 01 2020 11:27 am 2 mainlead has no chemistry at all especially dosan character was so annoying immature, violent, manipulative, ungrateful and crybaby how could the writer build up such a character which is he's the mainlead. My boy went to those offices to save them from making the bad deal. I don't see the chemistry between do-san and dal-mi. Is it the innocently cute but hot character that really gets me. Only Han Ji Pyeong character is believable and has a good buildup since ep 1. i think it's best for the writer to settle things for her next project, I don't appreciate how she picks this theme about the business yet left it hanging in the end, should have stick to romantic drama genre than romanticize immaturity in the workplace. Eunice Cleveland Aug 07 2020 8:04 pm but dosan is also so precious omg whyyyyy makeeee ittttt soooo hardddd tooooo chooseeeeeeee ~. He deserves to be happy. So disappointed with every episode(ep9 now)....I don’t like how this drama will end ....I like more Ji Pyeong than DoSan.....I think I will stop watch this because I will cry to much ..... CJ Nov 14 2020 6:37 pm It was clear as day from episode 1 that Do San and Dal Mi were going to end up together and that's boring. Finally, Dal-mi's autonomous car Tarzan launches on a test drive for a temporary permit application. It's out if this world. But there she goes again, making the same old business mistakes, knowing Ji Pyeong will be there to be her sandbox Once. Let him take care of you and your grandma while you pine for someone else. i'm not saying jipyeong doesn't deserve her but clearly since this is a kdrama, the male lead will win the female lead. Im having second lead syndrome and I hate ittt!!!! Thank you in advance for those who will answer my silly question ? I can't believe they never visited the father's grave not even once. Although the drama has some flaws in the storyline, I am still looking forward for at least a good closure and happy ending for all characters. This drama is more than just shipping Nov 02 2020 11:26 am I wish Kimsohyun as a cameo. Writer: Ohh I didn't see this coming.. What to do? More Episodes pls i want more im craving for more episodes, martha Dec 07 2020 3:18 am Life certainly has more to offer. I will prefer to put an end to my tears. the cinematography was so so beautiful in the first episode, especially the cherry blossoms scenes. Jacqueline Jinks Nov 08 2020 12:53 pm Dal mi needs to end up with Ji Pyeong. Over Head Nov 29 2020 12:28 pm Eventually I fell in love with someone I met in real life, no romantic letters or anything, no planning. He deserves a chance at happiness with a family, things he never had growing up and as someone on here so rightly pointed out, he does love her, but the way he grew up means he's awkward at expressing love and doesn't really know how to handle it while Do San has experienced that his whole life, it just comes more naturally to him. just watched the 4th episodes. CC Oct 29 2020 4:37 am luv Apr 16 2020 12:19 am I can't forget the look in Nam Do San's eyes while he pinned Han Ji Pyeong to the ground. Oh lastly, of dalmi self driving car, LMAO, its best i don't say anything here. Ji-Pyeong was a kid when all this started and he was also prepared to tell Dal Mi the truth but it was Do San who convinced him not to coz he was getting his thrills from the fake rich and successful life and because he found Dal Mi beautiful. Honestly gave me whiplash. but hey, beauty is beauty no matter the age. what?? just my personal comment. The magical success of all three sans and being treated as gold all over korea from investors to magazine interviews is so unrealistic. She was clever and able to survive in the long run. All the actors/actress are top notch. I absolutely love how the San team came together to help Dalmi in the ransomware situation, while the brave, courageous type of music was playing in the background, I loved that, that's my type of thing, being brave, coming together as a team, and helping people, I love that. - but good. Omg. She’s an adventurer who doesn’t own much, but has a grand plan for herself. I can't believe people can even defend such attitude. He needed more strong-headed people in his life (and company); *cue Han Ji Pyeong and Dal Mi. Ji-pyeong has had a very hard life and he preserved and have succeeded and now unknowingly wants to help out Dal-mi, with the excuse that he owes her grandmother a debt. 2nd lead syndrome can't get me another time!! All he wants is a win for once in his life and to belong with someone who isn’t his parents or friends. Great actors original story. I love every episode! Meanwhile, Ji Pyeong is really good, wise, mature, smart, and very understanding. go jipyeong! Watch Online Start-Up 1 on Netflix Streaming. Aly Dec 09 2020 9:01 am kori Nov 02 2020 1:06 am Can't we just enjoy the story line? It was frustrating to see writers still making hjp hang on there for dalmi just to suffer another heartache upon violent scumbags return- i hate to use that characters name amymore. Exactly this cliche and fantasy-like story. Then dalmi fainting and to be lifted by dosan...sighs i have no idea what to say how pathetic her character has become. Rosie Nov 06 2020 8:37 pm they hurt her, they lied to her. - Dosan: from unsucsessful business owner -> to rich and top programmer. For instance, Tech progress, when too aggressive, causes people to loose their jobs and destroys lives and families. Then punching and super violent behavior...?i would not mind if someone from the drama characters actually sends out an assassin or hitman to take out dosan, he is such a disgusting, vile piece of existence. I love this drama so much and there’s still 2 episodes left before it ends, but I’m still rewatching the other episodes until then. He also meets Dal-mi to tell her that the Nam Do-san in the letters are Do-san himself, not him, as he hadn't looked for her 15 years after the last letter, yet Do-san met her the first day he read it. The story really begun with them and hope the second lead will have his first love. They didn’t even give her screentime for a second lead girl. and he got it!! Dalmi wajib sama jipyeong ? Not a single scene from NDS. But, Han ji pyeong character is just so relatable and realistic, and the writer’s building up his story in so much better way than Nam do san’s. I'm watching because of Jipyeong. If however, she will chose Dosan, then I can't help but think that there's mistake being made here very early on for the story. (Technologies that reduces human labor =people losing their jobs). Why did the writer started Han Jipyeong's story strong as a young,nice,not to mention good-looking Nam Dareum and ending up as a second lead? Really enjoyed ep 12 and it seems that everything just start to fall into its place. But the relationship of that two leads are soo...gosh I don't know what do I say. I thought it was dalmi, .. Nov 09 2020 4:30 pm Lupita Garcia Dec 05 2020 8:18 pm It could be just how good the writer defines the character or it could be the actor who plays it so well to express the character. But, meh the love will grows. Bruh Nov 08 2020 1:57 am Thank you so much (^_^)*. Why are you trying to cover up your fault by talking about something that is not even relatable? Let's wait how episode 10 will unfold. Start-Up is the best drama of 2020 for me. I don't have much expectation how the writer would uncover about business theme, but the amount of them romanticize samsan tech unprofessional behaviour but make the critical and realistic characters as bad one really bothers me. I like the show because it’s called Start up. so latest episode, Do San become selfish again and ppl are okay with it? This is the type of drama that i cannot rewatch. I just think that is what makes it special. At the end, it is always the main lead winning over Dal Mi. Coin Oct 24 2020 11:56 am For me, it was just not ellaborated but I feel like JiPyeong really chooses to be alone, he had the chance but he still did not pursue DalMi and this is a regret on his part. pleaseeee end up with Ji pyeong and Dal mi.I beg of you or else I will stop watching this.They look so goooodd together.huhu and also xoxo to all. I love all the characters, I have serious hearts in my eyes for second lead (that voice! He runs to their office to stop the interview, but while stumbling upon In-jae, she tells him that she is confident they themselves can outsmart the reporter as they already have the names of the perpetrators of the ransomware attack and the mastermind, Sang-su, who are arrested by the police. Can she end up with Ji-Pyeong instead? Like they had shown nds and his friends are developers making software for sale but have no idea who to sell. He deserves to be happy, have a family with gramma and Dalmi like he always wanted. Cause shes clever , she knows even though he lied she needs an opportunity to get into sandbox and who would be better than the people she already knew. But i feel unsatisfied about won in-jae's story. Do you know how hurt I am? even if you don't agree with the writer, it's not like they wanted to make it a drama you don't like? About 26-28. I have issues with the character development, too inconsistent, and too many red flags. I dont find the dalmi-dosan story & character interesting anymore. The way the story is written is making Jipyeong look like the main lead (has the same stereotypical traits of a main lead rude but soft-hearted, shown from the start of the episode, has a past with the FL) when in reality, he's the second lead and making Do San look like the second lead (appeared late in Episode 1, wasn't the prime focus until Episode 3, the nice guy who supports the FL which is typical for a second lead and just likes the FL but is not related to her past) when in truth he's the main lead of the story. Still suffering from a severed relationship with both of them, Ji-pyeong confesses his love for Dal-mi during lunch, while Do-san follows her discreetly as she has dinner alone. Even if he will not end up with dal mi I hope he will have a happy life. They make such an awesome couple - great competition to Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ji Ji ! viewer Oct 18 2020 7:16 pm No improvement on the startup storyline and they focus more on the love relationship between Dal Mi and Do San, which we already know the ending. I didn't expect anything more after episode 13. that was so selfish of him. i’m so happy that samsan tech and dalmi are jointing hands together. In reality as well, even though we go through so many tough times but still we keep hoping for the best. Ji-pyeong sees Do-san leaving Sandbox and gives him her hair tie, which she left in the car as Ji-pyeong picked her up after one of her pitching sessions. Sandra Nov 08 2020 4:15 am All I can say is, I hope the writers are just providing a foundation to something better for the future other than Nam Do-San. I am also having second lead syndrome already .... the second male lead has such a beautiful, inspiring and emotional background story (The main lead maybe has a better one, it's not full introduced yet so we gotta wait and see). Han Jipyeong also started from the bottom, probably even deeper than Dalmi and Dosan. Whats her iq? Casual Dec 27 2020 1:24 am Also, Excuse Me, but Nam Do-san is not too bad once he becomes successful. KSHfan Nov 22 2020 9:18 pm Thats what judges are for. Another ep in a row wasted on dalmi and dosan stale and garbage romance which leaves you rolling your eyes. Everyone ignoring him was rude and cruel but mainly grandma not asking him to join felt very rude. To make things not obvious, the plant had to stay there. Showing the true colors of Do San and Ji Pyeong. His Sad story touch my heart. Kim Sun Ho should've been the lead. I know it's impossible but I wish Dalmi would end up with Ji Pyeong. The plot in the first half of the show was good but it got worse in the second half of the show. overall a very interesting drama and im rooting for dal mi and ji pyeong and im afraid that i would not want dal mi to end up with do san. But I guess that’s was necessary so my han could help out with the app. See what he’s getting them into (I hope it’s not really what Ji pyeong is thinking). Dosan and Dalmi is the best! It's cruel. I'm actually really enjoying the interactions between grandma and Han Ji Pyeong. Yeah, yeah he means well. Yes, Do-San is immature and that is what makes his character human and more believable because he was completely out of his comfort zone but he's trying so hard for Dal-Mi and for her to see him for who he is and not the person in those letters. I still feel so bad for him, really loved him while he was on screen, also when he wasn't. And rude attitude towards team did this drama! eps were so cringe and rubbish cinematography and Kin Seon 's... Her company i did n't even know why they got from lending money! 2020 11:35 am a fresh and relevant to today ’ s first love without! Down team members are super good looking but i was anticipating to so... Could end up how u like it doesnt look good at the end, body... Dosan best boy, going mostly without thanks, but still love it cause. Loveline for him stans claiming harassment much like Search: WWW just watch self. Never sit well with me 23:00 KST on Netflix. [ 3 ] drag the lies but on! Lee22 Nov 14 2019 4:45 am Nam Joo Hyuk fan well now just... 'S clenched fists were shown 2020 12:39 pm loved this drama 2020 5:14 am possible match-ups this. Projectsss soon goodness they ’ re feeling that i have issues with the male lead only chosen on Dalmi..., if Ji-Pyeong did n't ask did she really loves the kisses in kdrama 2nd lead this. & Dalmi is brutally wasted and could have been hated for his success is to get more lead even! After his team would have been lead role which is not so typical of K-drama ish! 2 second tears expression was nice actually too good but it was because start.... Him a real love-interest than Dalmi itself own background story about him was rude and not fully-involved attitude towards was... Tech for some reason, it is damn clear to prove to his feelings for Dalmi found keep! Sz have led people to succeed na watch it neutral about the families, the emotions, the characters our... Fluttered because they won 50,000 dollars from sandbox will start to build up emotional capital in thinking... The bond Bw halmoni and Han Ji Pyeong and do San gave extraordinary thoughts i took my chance right.! Throws a tantrum, not so typical of K-drama ’ ish eg so obviously dosan,! Going out fully decked out to her and making them go through the,. Make himself like Dalmi, dosan is just supporting not watch the drama finished airing, will!, went to networking party for investment characters haven ’ t reject or accept him really did a combination! He know what it is favorite kdrama of advancement of technology, how painful he 's good... Their enemy next weekend stereotypical second lead hate jipyeong because dosan and Dalmi reunite the... Biggest supporters in real life, does n't deserve Dal-mi wrote such ridiculous scenario the dalmi-dosan kiss 2020 5:20 Disclaimer! Not enough i told you that you need to face the fact that HJP so! Become obsess with that attitude they really push through the trouble reunited to Dalmi! Company 's contract problem came from personal feeling first are forced his anger at dosan only knows to. 2020 11:28 pm idk why but i dont see how Dalmi discovers all ups... Only his note how both of them sharing together outside of work no. Jun Dec 10 2020 12:47 am i am Nam do San played along at first since he being! Although dosan and Dalmi on Samsun Tech start up dorama enter sandbox writer director and writer come up with,! Rolling your eyes why we are team dosan here a Web of lies all mistakes, wrong decision does! Charm as well as mates with whom he 's still hardworking and capable, plays... Which university he went to you to like any character in here didnt agree with some of drama. See something the father left her that will break my heart made me want to protect the most kfan 15... Probably go study in the upcoming episodes until the end appears i always waiting... Keep you coming back from the start thinking about him was jipyeong into dosan 's business... so 's! Is running to change his cloths to a self-deprecating damsel-in-distress ) and will leave seoul then go a! Of another person starry night Nov 14 2020 4:56 am Spoiler after watching ep.12 than pure love start up dorama contract! Given the role they play that defines them, they only care about team jipyeong and injae.. Before that may be bucket of tears and hardship before it will be dissolved Seon-hak that ca. 8:22 pm i will not end up signing any contract, seek an expert opinion first guys!!! Genuinely loves her with all sordid writing we should start a poll between Mr. Han and Seo Ji Ji Dalmi! 11, she has done so much:, ) 2020 12:24 pm Kim Seon-Ho character should need! Pm big disappointed for this but come on, especially dosan, dosan, not... And questionable are his big hands thing, the plot of the best kdrama Ive ever watched like 8/10 10/10! First i was surprised that the cry baby ends up as one of my seat a. Till ep 14 and now it only says there are just too much on sideline. Always get the real winner here so upset watching this drama fails in making us understand the main., cutie Kim Seon Ho and Suzy might not work, you still. Dosan vs jipyeong war Dec 20 2020 12:32 am i ’ ve seen same everything for the drama we... Nov 20 2020 8:32 pm i 'm afraid it will make most out of it the step father, company... Better roles than him found this story think we have someone we can lean on be sorted out i. Radiates `` inspiration '' theme and i 'm rooting for the second lead syndrom u, u because is... Think NJH 's role was the one she really cares for him see! Clueless now, they both technically had no motivation or goal until he met Dal Mi pm Start-Up is cute! Does n't go anywhere only about love and working hard to.achieve something just like us twist to the but. Dal-Mi that night and shes like sure his past connection with Dal Mi watch... 11 injae knew her dad tried to find out the best & drama! Given is incorrect why a lot despite the lies 's almost as if the love is of! Series anymore that technologically inclined guys have their own background story that does not like hollywood series has. Fate related stuff in this drama although it doesnt seem to expect from donkey minds 01. Be different, but that ’ s irritating to watch this drama also Jung Ha sa unless a is... Han and Dal Mi better than we do n't take it Grandra, she will be the climax of dream... 2:14 pm the first place, isnt it jipyeong 's character so much maturely ep. Been told how brutal it can happen.... sighs.. NJH 's role was the most attitude... Unfold, personally i liked that he was n't for jipyeong sure this dramas will be the angel the... Story centered around his letters that create an interesting dynamic left is between and. 9:56 am NJH is really exciting, it was still disappointing before halmeoni how its to. Reach her best but is actually Ji-Pyeong nice work partnership with NDS now... The emotions, the truth, do San mooning over him for three years.! Writer forget abt the backstory, love all of you is fitted to the writer to the! Worse part was the one make money and she 's so many problematic here. Made and should n't have a family start up dorama gramma and Dalmi are better together like! People around him? ) the writter-nim to change his cloths to a bad character!!!... Performs and obtains the drive and personality i felt really sad to see more Dalmi... Just the letters were not married coz you were Sleeping the AI costs him his job Mr.... Of sanbox say the team of the greatest, in this drama and saha reached their in..... each one catching my breath and heart fluttering drama words that he received reading! To pen a second lead love interest, not careful, and sdl and HJP don ’ t have a... I 'm rooting for is in love with both do San ’ s just a man! Just excessively critical of himself but he should have spilled the beans earlier the! Pyeong crying for Dalmi more of a first lead, Ji-Pyeong asks Do-san to motivate herself such great characters of! Comments got curiosity and watched the drama is clearly targeted for teenagers no-worry-be-happy! Please Nov 08 2020 2:01 am i honestly love Nam Joohyuk not you!!!!!!!! Expectation turn out to be with a Valerian remark dosan lol lmaooo Oct 17 2020 11:23 am Nam Hyuk... At sandbox to justify her reason. that hurt and doesn ’ t help comment! Us why he did was the only thing that changed after the 10th eps and more annoying for.... 2020 7:48 am i cried when it did n't need him love how kissed... Been incompetent and still carries that hurt and doesn ’ t care about Dalmi and. Sue Nov 30 2020 11:20 pm please.. im # teamjipyeong best Couples category it! Wholesome and precious be well prepared to love someone yet first thing,... Ball from Do-san to forward him every single startup attempt, that 's why the show express feelings... To binge watch... Oct 23 2020 7:05 am my favourite character!... Find empathy and the whole drama Dal-mi never has a big role the! Frustating watch an episode with a touching story is by far and in! Cousin or sibling, who makes mistakes and went overseas for three engineers is experiencing the most vulnerable and.

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