… The 17 year old is bottled at 43% and has extra depth and maturity which will appeal to fans of Balvenie. My tasting notes: Appearance: Old Sauternes (11/20), slow and rare medium tears and legs; Nose: Sweet brown/woody sugars and lighter vanilla notes, fruity, apple, pear and raisin, some spiced elements to it, like spiced mead, honey and gristy cereal barley, quite a light fruit … First vanilla, then a little honey. tap to enlarge . Throughout the years, The Balvenie has grown into one of the largest and best-known distillers in all of Scotland. The BALVENIE DISTILLERY COMPANY LIMITED. Get PRO. Balvenie 17 Year Old DoubleWood Another fantastic invention from the workbench of Balvenie Malt Master David Stewart – a 17-year-old version of the bestselling DoubleWood. Styles. Still astringent for 43% and lacks some fluidity on the backend. I was very disappointed in the 17 year old Doublewood. Nose has berry and vanilla, berry is red, black cherry, and black berries of currant and blue berry. About the whisky. In-store price assurance. FREE Shipping for order above RM250! malty, citrus, sweet, oak games the sweetness and gives it a musky nose. Colour added, chill-filtered. $147.99. BALVENIE 12 YR DOUBLE WOOD 750ml. finish is malty again with oak. Medium finnish. Quiet nose, slightly citrusy. Your email address will not be published. Critics. The 12 year old Doublewood when launched to replace the Classic was just a heck of a great scotch and far better than the 17 yr old. Menu. Barrels: Aged at least 17 years. 70cl. For the facts Product Information; Tasting Notes; Like the famous 12 year old expression this Balvenie has been matured in two types of cask, the key difference this has been given an extra five years of cask ageing. palate was dry, full, heavier on the oak. Effective November 1, 2020 all AIR MILES Collectors will get 1 AIR MILE ® Reward … Vanilla, oak eats, lacrish, dark chocolate, sweet, plum / dark drapes cainda flaver, pepper, Medium chilli,oak spises, moth dryness,nutty some bitternes on the finnish. BALVENIE DoubleWood 17 Year Old. Bottled at 43%. This was the last of The Balvenie … Ginger biscuit, meet butterscotch. Create Account. The Balvenie 17 Years Old Doublewood was initially released back in 2012 and forms part of the core range from The Balvenie. Bright spices, mid length and super smooth. Scotch Whisky Reviews. Just a sample, so would be nice to spend some time with a bottle. Food Pairing. From the heart of Speyside comes a 43% whiskey with fruity aromas for those who appreciate the taste of a mild whiskey with a good story. Settings. Balvenie 17 year old Double Wood Price. The Double Wood is a malt which gains its distinctive character and name from being matured in two wood types. Very smooth, sweet, caramel vanilla flavor. Tastes of vanillas are very forward. The middle fruit character is muddled and leans to darker fruits, a sweetness from the malt comes through. Vanillas and woody spice abound but in the smoothest possible combination you can imagine. Still initially matured in 'whisky oak' casks before being switched to sherry wood to finish, the extra years give it extra depth without being overpowering. Beverage Testing Institute. WhiskyBrother online shopping is safe and secure. They produce nearly 1.5 million gallons of the brown stuff a year! zacht van smaak. Balvenie 15 Single Cask - 94/100. March 11, 2018. There is a twisting nature to this dram as it rounds out though, alternating between sweet and spicy. (Bottle size 750ml). New look. OMG super smooth on the front and the back. To craft DoubleWood 17 Year Old, David Stewart, who celebrates his 50th year at The Balvenie in 2012, returned to one of his most celebrated achievements – consecutive maturation in two different types of cask, a process … So I was excited to try this version which is the same juice but aged for an extra 5 years. While I was writing a review for this Balvenie 17 year old, I actually wanted to mention that it had been a long time since I had tasted a Balvenie. Released in 2012, The Balvenie 17yo DoubleWood is matured for 17 years in American oak barrels before being finished in European oak, ex-sherry casks for 6 to 12 months. To craft The Balvenie DoubleWood 17 year old single malt whisky Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE returned to one of his most celebrated achievements – consecutive maturation in two different types of cask, a process often referred to as ‘cask finishing’. While the standard 12 Double Wood is one of the smoothest drams available this takes that whole school of thought and matures it for another 5 years.. Also fruity : orange, apples, dried raisins. Balvenie 30 year old - 90/100 This Doublewood 17 Year Old shares the honeyed and spicy characteristics of the Doublewood 12 Year Old, however this 17 Year Old has much … Stores and prices for 'The Balvenie DoubleWood 17 Year Old Single Mal ... ' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. Balvenie 17 Year Old - Doublewood DESCRIPTION. Simply amazing. New reviews are moderated, so they won't be visible directly. Handcrafted to be enjoyed responsibly. Core range. ▾, Spirits & Wine Reviews & Prices at Whisky Suggest Balvenie 17 Year Old Doublewood. VAT Number: 554690029. Easy not a punch in the face by flaver. Whisky: Balvenie 17 Year Old Doublewood: Country: Scotland: Region: Speyside: Type: Single Malt: Cask: American Oak,Sherry: Age: 17 years old: Abv: 43%: Rating: 85/100 About The Dufftown-based Balvenie Distillery produces whisky in a traditional style, by using floor-malted and mainly locally grown barley. Nose: Elegant and complex oak, vanilla, honeyed sweetness and a hint of green apple. sweet and very intensive flavour. Balvenie 17 Year Old Doublewood; Balvenie 17 Year Old Doublewood. ▾. This technique is at the heart of … Smooth and mellow on the palate with beautifully combined flavours - nutty sweetness, cinnamon spiciness and a delicately … All products may not be available in all stores. Your email address will not be published. Plus new subscribers receive a R100 voucher! They … Very smooth and unchallening finish. The DoubleWood 17 Year Old is an elder sibling to DoubleWood 12 Year Old and shares its honeyed, spicy characteristics, but it is distinctly different, with deeper vanilla notes, hints of green apple, creamy toffee and a striking richness and complexity. Quite expensive but such a heavenly dram. !, maybe they forgot to add the whisky to the … Bottled at 43%. To craft The Balvenie DoubleWood 17 year old single malt whisky Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE returned to one of his most celebrated achievements – consecutive maturation in two different types of cask, a process often referred to as ‘cask finishing’. Get The Balvenie DoubleWood 17 Year Old home delivered by Wishbeer! Taste - warm winter spices, … We reviewed the Balvenie 12 Doublewood a few months back and the consensus was that it’s a pleasant whisky but just lacking that little extra character. Not bad, but a little harsh. Scotch Whisky Sweet and smooth. Registered office: The Balvenie Maltings, Dufftown, Banffshire, AB55 4BB. A lot more in fact - around £90 here in the UK. Sweet fruit and spice followed by a spike in spicey oak and dark tanens. Vanilla and strong orange in the nose, fruity and mild taste, long oak finish. First the spirit is aged an impressive 17 years in ex-bourbon casks, which adds sweet vanilla notes. Balvenie Malt Master David Stewart presents the Balvenie 17 Doublewood, a 17-year-old whiskey with some surprising flavors that we wanted to look closely at. Smooth and very sweet. A classic Speyside character gives this whisky flavours of dried fruits, orange zest, honey and vanilla. Honey notes with caramel, vanilla and spices. Proper in such that it grows all its own barley near the distillery, they have an active Malting floor on site and make their own casks with their own coopers. SKU: IT000278 : Gift Message: Quantity Product Description. It is not a smooth whisky but it has good flavours. To craft DoubleWood 17-Year-Old, David Stewart, who celebrates his 50th year at The Balvenie in 2012, returned to one of his most celebrated achievements _ consecutive maturation in two different types of cask, a process often referred to as •cask finishing.ê Elegant and complex with oak, vanilla, honeyed sweetness and a hint of green apple. Discover. ABV: 43% Volume: 70cl. Select products may be available to customers in limited quantity. Gentle, sweet with a nice woody note. The most recent global average price we have for The Balvenie DoubleWood 17 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky is $155 USD (September 2020) vrij zoet. A superbly … Everything tends to move in the same direction so, in no surprised to anyone, this costs more than the 12 year old Doublewood. wonderfully smooth with a pleasant aftertaste. Awards. Seller Information Location Offer Description Price and Size; Internet Wines & Spirits: Fairview Heights, IL USA: Balvenie 17yr Single Malt Scotch Doublewood: USD 114.97 / Bottle (750ml) Third Base Market and Spirits: Grover Beach, CA USA: Balvenie 17 Year DoubleWood Single Malt Scotch 750 ml, Scotland, Speyside: USD 117.95 / Bottle (750ml) … Balvenie 17 Peated Cask - 90/100. Get the BEST Price on Balvenie 17 Years Old DoubleWood (700ML) today. Let’s see how it measures up to its little brothers! Scotch Whisky Reviews. But then it occurred to me that this is actually not true at all, it was only a few weeks ago when I reviewed this Speyside 1989 from Le Gus’t. Butterscotch, meet ginger biscuit. This is a stunning 17 yr old, absolute nectar, lovely long velvety smooth finish, to be fair Balvenie always deliver, the 12 yr is a superb malt for its price and the 14 yr Caribbean Cask is one of the finest drams on the planet and I also have to agree with the previous reviewer about reviews should be screened for trolls, someone complaining about it being too watery, really!! FREE delivery over 2,000 THB in Bangkok and Nationwide. I’m continuing today with the 17 year old version of the classic Doublewood line. Magnificent insight I know, but honestly, lovely smooth whisky is lovely smooth whisky. February 9, 2018. After that a little vanilla and honey and that's it. Smooth, sweet, rich and very well balanced. Easy and simpel, not impressed but not a disepointment. Finish: Vanilla oak, honey and spicy sweetness. Fulfilled by: William Grant & Sons. Special Offers. Balvenie 17 New Wood - 90/100. ... mein balvenie favorit.... ausser dem tun. balvenie on the nose.... Vintages. Balvenie Whisky. Reviews of Balvenie 17 Year Old Doublewood. (Wait, really? Available from the … Balvenie Doublewood 17 Year Old is first matured in American oak barrels, which provides soft sweet vanilla notes, The whisky is then transferred to European oak sherry casks, where the second cask ageing adds rich spicy flavours and a depth and fullness to the flavour. 30 days refund* Authenticity guaranteed . Shop online at ASDA Groceries Home Shopping. Be the first to know about new arrivals, limited releases, whisky tastings and promotions. Toffee and dessert like. Balvenie 14 Golden Cask - 91/100. Initially matured in ex-bourbon barrels before being finished in … Sign In. Sign In. So I have to correct that, it … The nose is similar to opening a bag of dried fruit - sweet and inviting. Released as an anniversary product, the Balvenie 17 Doublewood is a product created by … Speyside, Scotland- Nose is sweet fruit and Oloroso sherry notes, layered with honey and vanilla.