The 3D felt just a little more effortless than the Sage X at the longest casting ranges in our test (60 feet which we felt would is about as far as we would practically cast in a trout fishing scenario). It felt great at mid range casting distances but still had enough power to extend out to longer trout fishing range casts. Orvis Pro Power Taper Line-Textured AST Plus treatment provides continuous slickness that incorporates completely, continuously migrates out, works longer, and is eight times slicker than any other slickness additive available for better shooting, improved floatation, and performance. Matt:Also a fan of hyper fast rods, Matt loved the igniter and placed it as his 2nd favorite rod, just behind the Asquith. The Igniter is definitely an application specific rod - if you are going to fish it up close you may need to line it up an entire line weight (7weight). After little more casting you really started to enjoy it. This is, however, where most folks actually test rods before buying. When someone is buying their first fly rod for fishing our local rivers we generally steer them towards a 6-weight for these reasons. He placed the LL and Helios 3F at the top of the “happiness” factor when rod in hand for close casts with a slight edge to the LL. The advanced compound taper design allows for easier turn-over of heavier rigs including larger dries, dry-dropper rigs, nymphs, and … Although this wasn’t Casey’s favorite all around rod, he felt like it would be the go to rod in windy conditions or when longer casts are needed. Pro Power Taper Line-Textured WF6F - Clear. Once beyond 45 casts the rod really started to shine and felt like a Kentucky Derby Pony. Although casting beyond 60 feet is never really required the power to do so often comes in handy on big wind days. Choose from Montana's largest selection of fishing and lodging packages. There are quite simply a lot of really great fly rods on the market today. He acknowledged that it wasn’t great in close but it made the longer casts with ease. Louis:The smooth yet zippy Orvis H3F put a smile on Louis’s face and met all his criteria for a castable fly rod. Pierce:“I like a fast rod, and this rod is just like a sports car. When I was working hard and focusing I could still make 60 foot casts with the LL but I really needed to pay close attention to my timing. “I’ve got a feeling I would like this rod a lot more on the big water casting big bugs”. Was: Now: $129.00. $79.00. It’s a great choice for big dries, Nymph Rigs and streamers using Versileaders. Quite simply fishing conditions on the water are always different than on a manicured lawn. Our main takeaway is that you really need to evaluate what kind of water you will fish most often, as how you “like to fish”. Many avid anglers, however, enjoy bringing their own gear. We offer both full and half day options. I bought a barely used Orvis Power Matrix 10 from a buddy as my first fly rod a few years ago. TEXTURED Weight Forward Floating Fly Line FREE SHIPPING (use promo code:  ccfsfreeship), Orvis PRO Power Taper Line -Textured For pricing on lodging packages visit each individual package for rates, inclusions and exclusions. Experience some of the lower 48's most remote fisheries. Pro Saltwater All Rounder Fly Line Textured WF10F - None. Zach:Zach ranked the Orvis H3F as his overall favorite rod in the grass casting session. At 45 feet I still had to accelerate my casting rhythm to generate a high line speed to feel the rod but once adjusting my casting stroke the rod felt great and I had good control.of loops and accuracy. Yes, they make some noise as the line is flying through the guides and they can burn your finger if your stripping streamer quickly with them but those are not enough of a negative to not use this line. Matt also agreed that the rod really shined at the longest casts but he also enjoyed it at mid range too. The PRO series of lines come in two tapers, the PRO and PRO POWER TAPER, which help match them to rod-actions. In the early stages of graphite rod development the race was to produce stiffer and stiffer “fast action” rods. At 30 feet you can start to load the rod but you need to pick up your casting rhythm to do so. There is no question that this rod offers power in copious abundance; you need to spend some time with it to fully take it all in. Casting rods without water only provides a small glimpse of what rod you might actually truly enjoy in a fishing scenario. 4 wt-8 wt. It wasn’t as buttery smooth as the LL, X or H3F at 30 feet but you could still load it by picking up your casting cadence. Read about the seasonal patterns in our fisheries. Easily sheds dirt and oils allowing line to perform better longer Incredible power, deadly accuracy, and impressive feel are part and parcel of Orvis Helios 3F fly rods. Rates and terms for some of our standard trips. Orvis PRO Power Taper Smooth Fly Line $98.00 Tailor your rod to a wider range of fishing conditions with PRO Smooth Power Taper Fly Line. Even on larger waters, most of my casts are under 45 feet when I am fishing and on smaller waters I rarely cast beyond 30 feet. Although he was still smiling at 30 feet, he appeared to break into hives at 60. We couldn’t quite make out his words as he mumbled to himself, but it appeared that some sort of spiritual battle was taking place within his inner being as the seductively smooth loops the rod cast conflicted with his aversion to the deceptive line speed it produced. Required fields are marked *. Find the best price here. Let us answer all of your questions and help you choose exceptional lodges in Chile, Argentina, Alaska and the Bahamas, Enjoy unique accommodations right on the water. Jimmy:Jimmy also rated the Orvis H3F as his overall favorite rod of all of the contenders. Our second observation was that all of us had slightly different casting strokes which greatly impacted how we perceive the different rods. He felt the sweet spot was somewhere around 45 feet when casting in the grass without weighted flies, streamers or nymph rigs. We didn’t even let anyone cast beyond 60 feet even though some of these rods can easily shoot out to 100 feet when in the hands of a competent caster. Orvis Fly Lines / FREE STANDARD US SHIPPING / ORVIS PRO POWER TAPER FLY LINE—TEXTURED ORVIS PRO POWER TAPER FLY LINE—TEXTURED The Orvis PRO Textured Power Taper Fly Lines offer increased surface area, allowing the line to sit higher in the water, offering less drag, easier mending, less water spray and easier pick-ups. The micro-textured surface traps air to provide increases in both shootability and floatation while decreasing friction. We pick you up each day at the hotel and in the evenings you can enjoy fun western towns like Bozeman and Livingston, Browse our large network of vacation homes and cabins that are either on the water or centrally located to great fishing. Louis:Louis wasn’t a fan of the Igniter: “Let me reiterate - I really, really don’t like fast cars, fast women or fast fly rods...and where did I set my tweed jacket?”. Zach:Zach felt that the Asquith was the least forgiving of the rods he tested. I’m 6 feet tall and 180 pounds, and the medium-long size fit me perfectly. My gut feeling was this would be a great all around big river rod for nymph fishing. ORVIS PRO POWER TAPER FLY LINE—SMOOTH PRO Smooth Power Taper Fly Line is designed for loading faster action rods at a half-size heavier than industry standard grain weight. Orvis PRO Power Taper Line -Textured I left feeling a little perplexed by the Asquith...or maybe intrigued. Once you gun too much line out it is difficult to manage and your catch rates go down. Imagine floating into a deluxe camp on one of our private ranches or permitted islands where cold beverages and tasty appetizers await. Generally the distance that you test a rod out on a lawn is MUCH longer than how far you actually cast on the water most of the time (at least in trout fishing scenarios). At longer range Jimmy reported that the H3F still was throwing tight, accurate loops. I felt like the Sage X had a progressive action similar to the Orvis H3F although it seemed to have a narrower sweet spot. In these scenarios I generally am casting between 20-45 feet and this is the heart of the sweet spot for the H3F.